Welcome to Pearls Devine by Katie Rae

Rules for LIVE shows

*Be Kind, Be Respectful, and Have fun!!

*Please refrain from asking where we purchase our items, we do not disclose that information on live.

*DON'T FEED TROLLS! Katie and the Pearls Devine Team will take care of them.

*Instead of asking where you are in the line up, please look on the page. Line up is updated until the game/shop is closed for that night.

*We encourage preorders, as the line up is made as orders come in. Please refrain from asking to be moved up in the line. We can always record the time of which your order was opened.

*There are no pendant requests after a LIVE has ended, as we seal the packages for shipping.

*If you would like to OAH(open at home) please tell us ASAP. We can not guarantee the color. If you would like record OAH for quality assurance, as we do not replace OAH oysters.

***Please read our refund/return policy.


1. Where can I find your live videos?

          --Pearls Devine by Katie Rae (on Facebook)

2. When do you go live?

          --We are live Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 9:30pm Central Time(10:30pm est/8:30pm mst/7:30pm pst). If we will be live any other days you can find that information on the cover photo of our Facebook page.

3. When will you open my purchase?

          --We take orders as they come in. If you order anything other than the game of the night, it will be opened if orders were not cut off for that nights show. Please check the page for where you are in the line up.

4. Can I trade items I have won?

          --Sorry we do not allow trading in mystery games.

5. What if I want to pick the color pearl?

          --You can pick the color pearl you want IF you win a color chose, purchase a loose pearl or on color night.

6. When will I receive my purchase?

          --We ask to give shipping 2 weeks, but most receive within a week. We ship every Monday and Thursday. Tracking number will be sent to your email once your label is printed.

7. How does a game work?

          --Please look at the specific game and read the description for what can be won and how it will be played. 

8. Why does next weeks games show SOLD OUT?

          --Games for the next week go live on Sunday of that week. If it is after Sunday and game shows SOLD OUT, it may in fact be sold out!

9. Where do you ship?

          --We ship worldwide. 

Join the Experience


Once a product/game is purchase it can not be refunded.  Once packages have left the office we are not responsible for broken items.  We try to take care of our customers, please message the facebook page with any and all concerns.  

If you have an allergics, please place in the notes when you order.

Thanks -Katie Rae



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