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Silver Plated Cage Pendants CHECK WITH US FIRST

Silver Plated Cage Pendants CHECK WITH US FIRST

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A Beautiful selection of cage pendants to show off your Beautiful pearl(s). New pendants and products are always coming in. Here is a list of silver plated pendants in stock. Please confirm it's on the LIST HERE FIRST and THEN refer to pictures after TO SEE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.. Use Note section in checkout to indicate what choice you would like. 

Silver plated pendants available;

Giraffe, Compass, Dove Bird, Home Run, Soccer Ball, Hockey Helmet, 4 Heart Clover, Best MoM, KeyWings, Snake, Lighthouse, Hope Heart, Peacock Bird, Wheel, Awareness Ribbon...."It's a Boy, and It's a Girl Hearts, Superwoman Heart, Swan, Owl with white face, Cupcake, Castle, Ballerina, Rainbow, Teddy bear, Morning star, Heart with flowers, Lantern, Sunflower, Baby feet, Daisy flower, Tiger, Unicorn, Maple leaf, motorcycle, Mother♡, Airplane, LOVE, Cross with ♡, Cross, Sword, Frog, Seaturtle, Beachwaves, Violin, I♡U!, Seahorse, Starfish, Captain wheel, arrow♡, ♡love bottle, praying angel, dream catcher, angelwings heart, Angel, Double Dolphins, Rose Stem, Twist, I do!!, Baby feet, Tower, Paw Printer, Elephant, Dragonfly, Aurora, Cinderella, Beauty and Beast